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The future doesn’t come out of a cast, but it can be shaped by one.

KFIL foundries are equipped to produce Grey Iron castings weighing from 30 kg to 300kg. These castings are used to manufacture heavy, medium & light commercial vehicles, SUVs, Tractors, construction equipments and Industrial engines.

Proto Casting Business

To fulfill customer requirement for rapid prototype castings, KFIL decided to reduce the NPD time by setting up a 3D Core/Mold printing facility in Koppal Plant.
The objectives for our Proto Casting Business are:

  • New Product Development’ time reduction from 9 months to < 25 days
  • To support customers to come up with more number of New Models in short time
  • To provide one stop solution to customer- from 3D model to Machined casting
  • To produce First Time Right  & All Time Right Castings close to serial production
  • To produce & supply best quality Cylinder Blocks, Heads & Housings


Challenges Faced by Customers:

1Validation Lead TimeVery High
2Tooling Maufacturing High Time Taking
3Regular Tooling CostVery Expensive
4Proto ManufacturingNon-foundry Men & Different activities at different places(Even Foreign Countries)
5Urgent ModificationHigh Time Taking 

Current Method: New Product Development time takes around 6 months


KFIL's solution to Customers:

S. No.BenefitsReason
1Lead Time reduction for NPD CycleCompleted within a month
2Reduction in Validation Process in Serial ProductionFollowing of standard Foundry Procedure
3Faster Modification & TrialsFlexibility for printing cores
4Availability for all OEMsCloser to all automotive Hubs

KFIL's Method: New Product Development Time takes 1 month


Machining Business

KFIL has machining facility at both the locations along with their respective foundries. Currently Solapur Plant has machining setup for 3&4-Cylinder Blocks and heads. On the other hand Koppal Plant has machining setup for 3, 4, 6-Cylinder Blocks and various types of Housings. Both the machining facilities have dedicated HMCs, VMCs along with certain SPMs which enable us to provide castings in fully machined condition. CMM machines are available for dimensional validations as well.

KFIL Solapur Plant – After machining doing assembly of NALT Cylinder Block (ZD30 Upper Block) and Bed Plate (Lower Block).

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