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The art of engineering transformation begins with a world class Infrastructure.


 Koppal PlantSolapur Plant
FeaturesLine 1Line 2Line 3
Capacities/Annum60000 MTPhase I - 48000 MT
Phase II - 24000 MT (Cum 72000 MT)
42000 MT
MouldingHigh pressure mould line air impact(HPML)High pressure mould line squeeze type (HPML)High pressure mould line  squeeze type(HPML)
Moulding Line Establishment year199420142008
Mould  box size(mm)1250x900x400/4001300x1000x400/4001000x800x350/350
FacilityFully Finish MachiningSemi-Finish Machining

We have  modern 3D Core Printing facility. KFIL produces prototype castings of different varieties using 3D printed cores/molds and pouring in the regular HPML. These castings are made in shortest record time to support our customers for immediate Proto-requirements.
KFIL has been accredited with following certificates:
1. ISO 140001 Certificate
2. IATF 16949 Certificate
3. ISO 45001 : 2018 (OH&S) Certificate
Our facility at Koppal is located close to the iron ore deposits of the Hospet-Sandur-Bellary belt, which allows us to backward integrate to the Blast Furnace to our Foundry. Similarly, the Solapur plant has a casting manufacturing facility with forward integration to a semi-finish machining facility. Both plants have highly productive equipment and skilled manpower along with tactical supply-chain-logistics. Our facilities can produce a range of products that includes Grey Iron castings from 30 kg to 300 kg single piece weightand Pig Iron of Foundry grade, SG grade and Basic Grade. Preserving the planet for the future is always on top of our minds. Towards that end, we effectively utilize the waste gas from the Mini Blast Furnace by powering three Power plants aggregating to 11.5 MW.
In 2014, we commissioned a new foundry with High-Pressure Mould Line, Robotic Core Centre and advanced processing capabilities, as well as an in-house casting fettling and finishing shop with advanced and highly productive equipment.


Our Pig Iron plant operates from two strategically located Business units at Koppal and Hiriyur and has a combined annual liquid metal production of 0.55 Million tons.  To enhance productivity, the Blast furnaces are equipped with Hot Blast Stoves to preheat the gases to a higher temperature.
The Coke oven, with a six link arch design, facilitates effective waste heat recovery and has high transmission efficiency with an annual capacity of 0.2 Million tons of Coke.  With state of the art technology, the boilers are placed in between the Oven batteries to enhance waste gas heat recovery, which generates 19~20 MWs of Power consistently.
The manufacturing facilities are in tandem with the state of the art technology to cater to the quality needs of the customers.

 Koppal PlantHiriyur Plant
FurnaceMBF 1MBF 2MBF 3
Volume (m3)295250230
Liquid Metal Production (MTs/Annum)2,16,0001,80,0001,55,000
Sinter (MTs/Annum)5,00,0002,50,000
Coke Oven (MTs/Annum)2,00,000-
Captive Power Plant (MWs)31.54.0