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A vital building block of a whole host of industries.

As a leading Pig Iron manufacturer in India, we’ve developed a reputation for consistency in quality, delivery and service. We focus on creating the ultimate value and convenience for the customer in everything that we do. Which is why each Pig Iron piece is designed to weigh 7-9 kg for easy use in all furnaces and cupolas. We meet customized pig iron requirements by undertaking special grade production. Our S.G. (Spherodized Graphite) grade of Pig Iron is especially highly sought-after.

The delivery of our product is as important as its manufacturing. That’s why we fulfil customer requirements accurately with heat-wise stacking and loading of material. A key to this division is our emphasis on making the process of pig iron purchase more customer friendly through enhanced delivery service, the best logistics network and exclusive service providers.

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 Foundry GradeSG GradeBasic Grade / Steel Grade
Carbon3.80 % - 4.20 %3.80 % - 4.20 %3.80 % - 4.20 %
Silicon2.00 % - 2.50 %1.00 % - 2.10 %1.25 % MAX
Manganese0.5 % - 0.9 %0.3 % MAX0.4 % - 0.8 %
Sulphur0.06 % MAX0.03 % MAX0.08 % MAX
Phosphorous0.12 % MAX0.07 % MAX0.12 % MAX

Quality Guarantee

The Kirloskar Pig Iron carries the unique stamp of the "Kirloskar Plough". This symbol stands for the quality of our genuine products.